Adepticon '23 was good clean fun!

We’re back from Adepticon and the company’s first public appearance!Big thanks to everyone who played in a demo game and all the local folks who volunteered to help run them. And another big thanks to the Adepticon organizers who worked us in at the last minute and let us participate this year. Adepticon was a blast and the first time Andy, Gav or I had been out at a big event since 2020.Our goals for the show were pretty modest; do public demos, recruit miniatures gamers into ongoing playtests, and show off some prototype miniatures. How did we do?

Zeos and Supports deploy.

We ran a good chunk of folks through the basic demo, adding more gameplay options (ie bigger scenarios) to late Saturday and Sunday games. We’ve signed up around 100 playtest teams as of today. The teams are from Australia, through the EU and UK, and across North and South America.

Amarok Zeo from Article

We showed the 80% level miniatures  prototypes of our base set Zeoforms* and their supporting units; but foolishly did not bring proper lighting to get better shots. Reception to the minis was great, even though we’ve got a good ways to go before finalizing them in hard plastic.

*That’s what we call our big armor suits.

Early test paints from Chris Frosin & Matt Parkes

We’ll try to add a blog or social post every week from here on out, but please bear with us as we’re very focused on making the game and miniatures. Sometimes a lot happens in a week, and sometimes it might look like nothing at all, but it’s all moving forward at the right pace. Take a look over on for specific game updates.

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